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To Create Volume and Convert Sales in Both Online and Offline Retail Environment

Focus on Targeting and Converting Female Customers, Who Were Interested in High-Ticket-Spending, Health and High-Quality Products

Building Loyalty That’s Beyond Skin Deep

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Who we are


AbleView owns and manages a portfolio of global brands across niche, prestige, and masstige categories to establish or strengthen their position in China. As a brand asset management company, we continue to empower the brand, increase brand premiums, and achieve long-term value-added and sustainable development of brand equity.

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Brands portfolio

AbleView has delivered phenomenal results for our beauty & health clients and we are trusted by ...

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Brand Empowerment

Brand targeting


Procurement & acquisition

Brand portfolio establishment

Data-driven analysis


Supply Chain Management

Bonded warehousing


WMS management

B2B & B2C logistic solutions

Drop shipping


Omni-Channel Development

Flagship store setup

Mainstream channels

Decentralized channels

Offline distribution channels


Marketing & Branding

Market research & analysis

Competition benchmarks

E-reputation management

Social media operation

Digital marketing campaign

Intellectual property protection


Price Management

Price monitoring

Brand premium

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Service roadmap

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Supply chain

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Our story

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Flagship Stores
Distributors (DTC)
Offline stores
Media partners
Consumers Coverage
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Job Responsibilities:

• Responsible for the overall operation of the Tmall store, event planning, marketing promotion, merchandise on and off shelves and full use of Tmall’s activity resources to complete the company’s sales tasks;

job requirements:

• More than 2 years of operating experience in Tmall Supermarket, understand how to operate Tmall Supermarket, and be familiar with various column resources

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Job Responsibilities:

• Responsible for the direction execution of the overall operation plan of the overseas flagship store, marketing, and event promotion, etc.;

• Responsible for the implementation of daily operation management of overseas flagship stores, plan store marketing activities, and complete marketing goals;

• Collect store operation data and market information, analyze daily operating conditions, statistical data, discover hidden inherent problems, propose targeted solutions, and continuously optimize the quality of operations;

job requirements:

• More than four years of relevant work experience/strong comprehensive ability in cosmetics operations, planning and promotion;

• Familiar with Taobao promotion rules and channels, and effectively use Taobao marketing tools to plan promotional activities; those with rich experience in activities are preferred.

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Job Responsibilities:

• Familiar with the relevant gameplay of Tmall promotion channels, such as through train optimization and operation, product sales treasure, super recommendation, etc.;

• Responsible for establishing the e-commerce search paid traffic data evaluation system, and providing monthly traffic distribution and optimization strategy support;

• Responsible for constructing e-commerce platform internal and external advertising marketing strategies, and promote the implementation to complete verification;

job requirements:

• Bachelor degree or above, (211,985 schools and overseas returnees are preferred);

• Possess strong data sensitivity and analysis skills, as well as the ability to communicate efficiently across departments; strong learning intentions and strong sense of responsibility;

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Job Responsibilities:

• Product sales planning: According to the overall sales target of the brand, formulate the operation plan of each e-commerce B2B channel, including sales and promotion plans;

• Product sales management: Responsible for the implementation of daily operation management, planning of marketing activities, effective use of various activity resources and promotion tools on the platform to promote product sales; according to the sales plan, product inventory is estimated and coordinated within the company (purchasing, Supply chain, design, marketing), external (platform procurement and sales) to promote smooth business;

• Channel relationship management: manage and maintain the customer service relationship with the platform’s P2P, so that it can obtain more promotion resources for the company and promote product sales beyond the fixed budget;

job requirements:

• College degree or above, with 5 years or above e-commerce B2B sales experience.

• Familiar with the game rules of platforms such as Tmall and Jingdong, and be able to effectively use various promotion tools to promote product sales.

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Job Responsibilities:

• Responsible for the overall planning, marketing, promotion, and customer relationship management of JD’s self-operated stores;

• Responsible for the operation and management of the daily revision planning, launching, promotion, sales and after-sales service of the online store;

• Proficiency in the use of promotion tools for effective online promotion to improve the shop’s exposure rate, click-through rate, page views and conversion rate;

job requirements:

• Two years of operating experience in JD Beauty and Personal Care Stores, 10 million and above GMV;

• Familiar with the operation process and planning of Jingdong Mall, have rich experience in online promotion, and be able to independently operate the company’s mall;

• Good communication and coordination with brand owners and;

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Job Responsibilities:

• Use Japanese/English to communicate with Japanese branch and foreign customers.

• The secretary function of the General Manager’s Office, with marketing capabilities preferred.

• Assist the general manager to supervise and coordinate the business of various departments of the company, participate in the communication and coordination of the business team, and assist in completing the project.

job requirements:

• Good appearance, good temperament, good image, and outgoing personality…

• Bachelor degree or above, with e-commerce/marketing experience preferred.

• Japanese/English proficiency is necessary

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Job Responsibilities:

• Responsible for the overall image design of the company’s storefronts, online store style and product display design, homepage advertising picture production and beautification, overall layout, event advertising and related pictures production;

• Responsible for the design of the company’s website, page beautification, production of various activities and special pages;

• Responsible for typesetting new products, optimizing the description of the baby in the store, beautifying the product pictures and placing the goods on and off shelves;

job requirements:

• Proficient in art software Photoshop, Dreamweaver AI FLASH, AE, pr video software, etc.; have a certain level of art and graphic design;

• Experience in cosmetics category design required

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Job Responsibilities:

• Establish daily, weekly, and monthly report monitoring systems, and continuously optimize the design of related reports to improve work efficiency;

• Analyze report data, find problems, and output data analysis reports regularly;

• Data-driven business, docking with related business departments, and providing data support for the company’s operational decisions and business strategies through business data analysis.

job requirements:

• Full-time university bachelor degree or above; economics, management, finance, statistics, mathematics, computer and other related majors;

• Proficiency in operating office software, with strong excel data processing and analysis capabilities;

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Job Responsibilities:

• Inventory management of Japanese warehouses and domestic warehouses, and international freight booking and delivery

• Undertake communication and contact between various departments and warehouses within and outside the supply chain;

• Track the progress of product purchase and arrival to ensure that product inventory is within a reasonable range;

Solutions for bad products.

job requirements:

• Have working experience in international ship booking, customs declaration, warehouse management and delivery arrangements (required)

• Experience in cross-border product procurement and replenishment plan customization.

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Job Responsibilities:

• Select anchor: anchor category (beauty, clothing, fashion), refer to indicators such as the number of live viewers online, commodity transaction volume, past historical records, etc.;

• Responsible for event management, registration, confirmation of anchor schedule, signing contract, and sending samples;

• During the live broadcast time of the host, coordinate the store operation department and supervise the live broadcast situation throughout the whole process;

job requirements:

• Bachelor degree, familiar with the rules and procedures of various live broadcast platforms (Taobao, Douyin);

• Working experience in the live broadcast industry is preferred, and the ability to introduce external high-quality e-commerce anchor resources is preferred;

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